Software Development

Software Development for your business

  • Automation Management
  • Innovative Billing
  • Point of Sales
  • Sales and Inventory
  • Hotel and Reservation
Computer Software Repair

Computer Software Repair

  • Virus-Infection
  • PC Format / Reformat
  • Driver Installation
  • Malware /Spyware Infection


Monitor and Projector Repair

LCD, LED, CRT Monitor Repair

  • LCD
  • LED
  • CRT
  • Projector
Surveillance System

Protect your home and business with CCTV

Keep an eye on your property, Monitor and record all the time, State of the art, Industry Standard, Easy to use, Night vision enabled, Internet Capable".

Computer Hardware Repair

Computer Hardware Repair

  • Harddisk installation
  • Mainboard replacement
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Optical Drive Add On
  • Power Supply replacement
Printer Repair

Printer Repairs


  • Paperjam

  • Crumpled print

  • Feeding error

  • Blinking LED