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(Closed-circuit television)
Surveillance System

Closed Circuit Television CCTV or CCTV are a set of recording cameras for use in surveillance. It employs point to point wireless links and are often used in areas that need monitoring like convenience stores, offices, financial institutions, and homes.

Keeps an eye on your property

Monitor and record the areas your business needs to protect.  Functioning both as a deterrent and Security feature, practically any and all recorded image can be rewind, pause and played like and other digital media content.

Monitor and record all the time

CCTV relies on installed cameras and hardware to function, basically activating when set up to operate, and recording every minute of the areas designated to be observed.  It cycles through its assigned sequence without delay and stores it accordingly.  No time outs, no breaks, for the number of hours you set it,  to the number of days you want.

State of the Art

CCTV cameras come in different models ranging from dome shaped installations to infrared capable devices.  Whether it’s for an office, a low-light facility, or a wide-ranging farm, there’s a CCTV camera appropriate for your business.

Industry Standard

Basically most businesses today have CCTV installed on their properties. These are standards set today that provides a business added security and good security is always encouraging for good business.

Easy to use

Activating the CCTV and its recording functionalities are as easy as clicking a command and letting the hardware do all the monitoring and recording. That’s it. No complicated manuals, no tedious configuration.

Night Vision Enabled

Acecom Systems offer a variations on CCTV Camera hardware.  Depending on whether your property requires vision in the dark, Acecom shall set up a surveillance equipped with Night Vision capabilities.  This allows for more efficiency in supervision especially for those that have particular attention in          monitoring at night time.

Whether it is to protect a property or to dissuade unlawful elements, a Night Vision enabled Surveillance System helps tremendously in safeguarding your  territory.

Internet Capable

Running a company from out of town can be difficult.  But it helps to get a direct feedback from work.  Acecom Systems can provide Surveillance which you can    access from anywhere through internet. Not only does this system monitor your business, it can also instantly provide you with real-time video from your establishment.

Being able to monitor from afar gives you immediate information about what is taking place in your company and helps you gauge and make decisions without  the need to observe onsite.

Acecom Systems will provide you with the appropriate hardware and set up an internet capable surveillance which you can access anywhere through online monitoring.