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Software Development

Student Automation Management System


A Solution to Manual Management

Managing a learning institution is tough work. Supervising a manually-operated enrollment is not only strenuous, but also, complicated, problematic, and inexact procedure at best.  This method of handling of hundreds, if not thousands of records is a problem confronted but hardly resolved.  Year after year, difficulties in lost records, unverifiable accounts and countless of lost data occur in manually recorded enrollment or in poorly programmed systems.


Acecom Systems recommends SAMS or the Student Automation Management System. Acecom Systems can install, train and implement this program to your institutions, and improve upon the manual system or the poorly programmed software you are currently using.


Features of SAMS

  1. Full System Automation
  2. Classified levels
  3. Registration
  4. Automated Payment
  5. Assessment
  6. Automated Fees
  7. Encoded data
  8. Reliable software
  9. Time Saving
  10. Fast and Efficient


    It’s a complete solution for administrators, teachers, parents and most of all, the students.  SAMS is a complete answer to your data difficulties by giving you a completely computerized Admission System.  This provides the convenience and flexibility of an automated structure and creates an opportunity to save company resources.


    Acecom Systems has already installed the SAMS on several institutions and has by far shown an exponential demand for growth. Support and assistance are readily available and your questions are easily satisfied.


    SAMS has demonstrated efficiency and reliability to those who have already availed of its support and has drastically cut admission time, decreased the work force needed, and completely retrieve and manage entries in a fully automated environment.  Acecom will provide full installation, orientation and after-sales support for your company’s gain.  It is simply a better way of doing things.

    Innovative Point of Sales

    Growing a small business into a bigger enterprise is an early objective for people in business. A growing company signals progress and progress can be  recognized instantly from the employees, the work place, and the equipment.  Having reliable equipment that not only provides more efficient results but also provides them faster is a crucial element in trade. And in the business of sales, a Point of Sale terminal is not only beneficial, but also downright necessary.  Acecom Systems can provide your business the necessary equipment in order to grow and manage your company further.


    POS or Point of Sale, is more commonly identified as a check out.  An Innovative POS terminal advances a sales transaction faster and records it accordingly.  Acecom Systems can supply your company with an Innovative POS System.

    • Record all sales
    • Manage pricings more efficiently
    • Accuracy in transactions
    • Prevent losses through cash registry errors
    • Automate inventory with barcodes
    • Show profitability reports