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Private Automatic Branch Exchange System

Making connections among internal telephones in the company or business is crucial for a growing enterprise.  Making them work and individually connect them to a single trunkline not only saves you a huge investment on telephone line subscriptions, but also  afford your employees the convenience to operate in an inter connected environment.

The PABX system is a significant development in communications. Initially used to drastically reduce costs through its capability  to connect  inter-office telephones, the PABX system has now come full circle, adding features which are now integrated into the system like call forwarding, extension dialing, hunt groups, even an answering machine.

Multiply a single phone line into several users

Phone companies provide the phone line connections while the PABX module splits the connections to as many as your company needs

Advantages of PABX System


In every office environment, communication is key in establishing order. Quick and accurate response means requests are made precisely, inquiries are satisfied instantly, arrangements are set right away and corrections are rectified on time. It is important and even necessary to link your offices and provide the convenience of a truly structured company.

Save Money

Save your finances by reproducing the line of a single telephone subscription into several lines which can be extended to the different departments and offices of your company.  This eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple phone subscriptions amounting thousands of unnecessary costs monthly. PABX holds the technology that can substantially reduce your monthly expenses allowing you to focus on more relevant investments to manage and grow your company.

Provide better support for your clients

With PABX installed on your system, your clients have a more direct to the actual persons and departments in your company. Avoid unnecessary transfers and miscommunication nightmares by providing a more direct and correct involvement with your clients. Allow for more appropriate connections instead of laying down redundant filters that customers find pointless and excessive.

Module Components

The following is a fundamental itemization of the Private Automatic Branch Exchange System

  • Internal Switching Network
  • Logic cards, switching and control cards
  • Station telephone sets
  • Signal Delivery Telco trunks
  • Console Switchboard: Allows the operator to control incoming calls
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Interconnecting warning
  • Cabinets, closets, vaults and other housings